Sunday, April 21, 2013


MUST READ before doing business with Bill & Anne Goetz of Centurian Mastini located in North Carolina.

Bill & Anne Goetz doing business under the kennel name Centurian Mastini do not honor their own contracts. They continuously lied to us and cheated my family out of a dog and $2,300.  Although I won my case in court, they believe they are above the law.  This is what they have done to us, but more importantly, what they have done and continue to do to this beautiful breed. 
This is our story:

Our first Neapolitan Mastiff was purchased from them at a cost of $2,500.  At the age of 12 months, we took him to the Vet for an eye problem.  At that time, not only was he diagnosed with a genetic condition of inverted eyelids, but was also found to have bone cancer in his front left leg which is also genetic.  He died two months later.

Because we loved our dog and were very heartbroken, we decided to try and replace him with another just like him. When we went back to them, they would not replace the dog because he was diagnosed two weeks after the allotted contractual 12-month period for a congenital disease

What they offered and we accepted was only a $500 discount for a new puppy.  At the age of six months, we began to notice a problem with both of his front legs.  At the age of eight months Dr. Sherilyn Allen, who wrote the book on this breed from Boyertown, Pennsylvania, diagnosed him with genetic elbow dysplasia in both legs.

Both dogs were supposed to be from his AKC Champion Merlin. The genetic problems in both dogs caused me to believe that they are breeding inferior dogs. After repeatedly asking for the second dog’s AKC registration papers, we never received them. We tried working with the dog by following the Vet’s recommendations for two months but never saw any improvement. We returned the dog to them with a promise that they would replace it from their next litter.

A person who is very familiar with them and their practice contacted me to say he also complained about their unethical breeding practices and withholding genetic information.  He informed me that “not only do they hold fast to the belief that their dogs are untainted by defective genes or structural defects, but that they also believe that no dog they choose to bring into their breeding program could possibly be carriers either.  After all…they only breed to the best."  Unfortunately, this shows that they are gravely mistaken.  Being successful in the show ring has nothing to do with good genetic health practices.  As a “champion breeder”, he has a responsibility to the breed as well as the public. 

We filed our lawsuit in Marion, North Carolina. We never met or knew them personally until we sat in the same courtroom.  After Anne Goetz was found lying directly to the judge we were awarded the judgment against them.  Having no respect or regard for our judicial system, they have refused to pay what is so ordered by the Court.  Through sources in the Neapolitan world we discovered, when he lived in Indiana he had the same problem with others. When he moved to North Carolina similar issues occurred.

Presently, he is advertising a new litter on Ebay claiming he resides in Sugarhill, Chicago with his AKC Champion Sera.  In essence, what they are doing is avoiding a judgment against them from North Carolina and who knows where else.  An official complaint is being filed with the American Kennel Club, as well as other governing agencies.  Our family has been proud owners of Neapolitans for over TEN years.  We will do all we can to stop these unethical practices and disrespect of the breed.  We firmly feel that Centurian Mastini is not all about the breed but the money and the greed!